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You will receive 230 pieces of different forest stickers.

Product features:

  • Cool stickers to personalize your water bottle, laptop, suitcase, headset, luggage, helmet, car, bicycle, fridge, table, phone case, cooler, surfboard, computer, swimming ring, lunch boxes, skateboard, guitar, binder, scrapbooking, diary, desks, walls, window, room, and furniture, etc.
  • Amazing assortment of brand stickers decals, the best gift for adults, teens, seniors to DIY and decoration. You will create unique and creative goods.

How to use :

First, you need to wipe the attached surface clean and dry. Then remove the protective film from the back of the sticker. Paste the sticker flat on the surface of the object and gently press it.

Notice: All stickers are only suitable for smooth surfaces.

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