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You will receive one Colorful Animal Pattern DIY Puzzle Cartoon Butterfly Wall Sticker. It contains a large Cartoon Butterfly sticker and a dozen small stickers that need to be assembled.

Color: Multicolor
Weight: 50g
Shape: Puzzle Cartoon Butterfly
Material: ECO-friendly PVC
Size: 45 x 31cm / 17.7” x 11.8”


1, if you are pasted on the surface of the glass or tile because its material is relatively smooth, paste before the good with a clean rag to dry the paste surface, so that it is easier to paste, and the flat effect to good;

2, some of the larger pattern paste maybe a little bubble after spreading, then you can use a scratch card to remove the bubble or use a needlepoint to break the small bubble smoothing, which will not affect the overall paste effect;

3, if the paste wall moisture, aging or just brushed a new paint, the paste may cause the wall paste to automatically fall off, or will cause the wall peeling, you can use a hair dryer hot air to dry the wall or wait for the paint to evaporate after a period of time and then paste, but the effect may be different, so please be careful to choose the location of the paste.

4, if you accidentally paste the wall in the wrong place, you can use a small blade to gently lift the corner of the wall sticker tears off, re-paste can be, the product can be used repeatedly under normal circumstances, as long as not torn bad.

5, the DIY series of products are tightly laid out the size, you can play unlimited creativity, the freedom to combine the arrangement of the shape and position, you can first use scissors to cut the pattern separately, cut the time to take care not to damage the pattern

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