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You will receive a piece of Cute Ladybug and Flower Waterproof  Wall Sticker.  assembled.

Color: Multicolor
Weight: 80g
Material: ECO-friendly PVC
Size: 45 x 60cm / 17.7” x 23.6”


1, if you are pasted on the surface of the glass or tile because its material is relatively smooth, paste before the good with a clean rag to dry the paste surface, so that it is easier to paste, and the flat effect to good;

2, some of the larger pattern paste maybe a little bubble after spreading, then you can use a scratch card to remove the bubble or use a needlepoint to break the small bubble smoothing, which will not affect the overall paste effect;

3, if the paste wall moisture, aging or just brushed a new paint, the paste may cause the wall paste to automatically fall off, or will cause the wall peeling, you can use a hair dryer hot air to dry the wall or wait for the paint to evaporate after a period of time and then paste, but the effect may be different, so please be careful to choose the location of the paste.

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